When Are You Going To Die?
Place a checkmark next to any statement that applies to you:
Guzzle more than one six-pack a day Often drink artificially sweetened beverages
Smoke cigarettes, cigars, and/or pot daily Inhale foreign substances through your nose
Get less than six hours of sleep nightly Get out of breath quickly when exercising
Eat more than three full meals a day Diet regularly to keep weight down
Use laxative at least once a month Like bacon, eggs and lots of red meat
Routinely attend beach or tanning salon Work commute is more than one hour per day
Prefer air conditioning to open windows Binge and purge food at least once monthly
Have used hard drugs more than three times Work requires you meet quotas or deadlines
Consume hard liquor on a daily basis Take some kind of prescribed medicine or drug
Don't own any type of family pet Must have more than two cups of coffee daily

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