Are You Going To Hell?
Place a checkmark next to any statement that applies to you:
Have occasionally asked your god to damn something Have watched movies that contain graphic violence and/or brief nudity
Once undressed people with your eyes at a family gathering   (be honest) Feel powerful and satisfied after you squish a fly or other insect
You do not send Christmas cards to anyone unless they send one to you first Have been elected or appointed to any kind of political office where an oath is required
Have considered selling your soul for something you thought was cool Last time you attended church, dinosaurs roamed the earth
Don't understand what's so bad about alcohol, since it makes you feel so good Have said to your God while praying, 'If you give me this, I'll never ask for anything again'
Sometimes use the lord's name in vain, especially when you can't find the t.v. remote Sometimes bet on sporting events, even though you have no money to spare
Have engaged in sexual acts for reasons other than procreation Have coveted your neighbor's wife, husband, daughter, son or pet
Participated in any kind of ceremony where a human or animal sacrifice was required Usually laugh hysterically when the punch line of a dirty joke is communicated to you
Consume milk daily, even though you sometimes prefer goat's blood Get frustrated when playing on a Ouija board because it never seems to answer correctly
Once uttered the phrase, 'I could just kill you' Are an active participant in the stock market

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