Who Were You In A Past Life?
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Have phobia about being chased around by local townspeople wielding torches You're quite sure the equation, E=MC² can be greatly improved upon
Often dream about being pummelled with stones by a vicious mob of do-gooders Have deep-rooted fear of fire, especially when it surrounds a person tied to a long pole
Have irrepressible craving for cake whenever you see the guillotine at that museum in Paris Feel obliged to draw a series of swastikas and little mustaches when doodling
Begin sweating profusely whenever someone mentions the word  'lifer ' Have inexplicable rope burn scars around neck but don't know how they got there
Have distinct yet puzzling dislike for thorned crowns and death by crucifixion Think the Kennedy assassination was simply the result of political correctness
Don't know why you always feel compelled to squat and grunt while eating Frequently get the urge to fire cannons and search for treasure when sailing
Somehow certain that 'Jack The Ripper ' was not employed by a paper disposal company Curiously, a sense of great pride ensues when people label you as 'certifiable'
Feel that high school pep rallies turned you into a drug-addicted loner with a bad attitude Always become angry and disgruntled after mailing a letter
Keep track of historical airline crash locations by burning holes in a map with lit cigarette Somehow positive the phrase, 'The South Will Rise Again' is not an ad slogan for Viagra
Always associate the phrase, 'Ides Of March' with really cool toga parties and democracy Salivate uncontrollably when confronted with pictures of human body parts

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