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Favorite meal is green pea soup because of the dramatic effect it creates when you hurl Recently began using a small crucifix in place of a toothpick
Not sure how, but you can suddenly speak Latin fluently No longer need a Ouija board to communicate with the dead
Most hated alcoholic beverage is shot of faith with a holy water chaser Don't know why friends hired an Exorcist for you when you're already in great shape
Stricken with severe skin rashes and festering pus-modules of late Cuss so much lately that 'foul language' to you is a conversation about chicken
Can't sleep well when your bed floats around the room too much Can rotate your head 360 degrees without moving the rest of your body
Graffiti suddenly appears on your skin from the inside out The sight of priests and family members seems to induce vomiting
You've been so cold lately, you can see your own breath when you talk Teeth have turned yellow and green, even though you use tartar control toothpaste
Just discovered that terrible odor surrounding you isn't from your laundry detergent after all Don't bath until you're so crusty you make noise when you walk
When in a deep sleep, you seem to prefer wheezing to snoring Voice seems to have deepened lately, especially noticeable when swearing
You greet people by peeing in your livingroom Your new best friend is a vibrating fork

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