Are You A Serial Killer?
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Sometimes think about changing your first name to a phrase Chased cats with a baseball bat and a can of lighter fluid when you were a kid
Have ongoing subscription to monthly detective magazine Assign affectionate pet names to the many weapons you own
Spend a lot of money on bleach because of tough, stubborn stains in clothing Increase speed of your car when someone ahead of you in next lane puts on their blinker
Never seem to laugh at jokes that other people find very funny Dream you live in Utopian society where everyone knows your name
Frequently hear voices of people talking, even though you're completely alone Feel strange gratification when driving by fatal automobile accident
Like to repeatedly utter the saying, 'I don't get mad, I get even' Memorized list of good comebacks to say in anticipation of verbal confrontations
Wonder what it would be like to sacrifice a virgin to the gods Quickly volunteered to be first in biology class to dissect frog
Feel misunderstood when people don't respond to you the way you think they should Frequently daydream during seemingly intense conversations with other people
Like to do the unexpected when playing games, even if it means you'll lose Didn't attend high school prom because Gilligan's Island rerun was on t.v. that night
Talk to your bathroom mirror reflection as if it were a real person Able to understand what animals say, especially when sober

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